1882, 3¢ SQ tied by Chatham Ont duplex cancel on lovely hand illustrated cover to Hespeler showing a girl with her doll leaning up against a table, as well as three tumblers and a mule, two of which are black. The poem reads: ‘’There was a young lady named Maud’’, and the sitting black man says ‘’Oh Alice an’ I love you so’’. ‘’Don’t wish I was you’re bean’’. Exciting and wonderfully executed hand illustrated cover. An exhibition showpiece and unique.



Throughout the Symposium, we will have presentations about a wide variety of topics in Canadian postal history.

hamiltonToronto — a Philatelic Adventure
by Charles Livermore (Forest Hills NY)

Mails and Dispatches of the War of 1812
by David Hobden (Milton ON)

Postal Services in the Western District of Upper Canada
by Rob Leigh (Champaign IL)

Canadian Dispatch (Colombian SCADTA Airmail Covers)
by Ray Simrak (Maidstone ON)

The Development of Air Transport in Canada
by Robert Galway (Toronto ON)

The Lower Mainland of British Columbia
by Gray Scrimgeour (Victoria BC)

Canadian Post Office Departmental Handstamps
by Gary Steele (Middle Sackville NS)

Canada-Palestine Postal History: 1890-1948
by Ed Kroft (Vancouver BC)

Yukon Postal History before World War II
by Kevin O’Reilly (Yellowknife YT)