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Hugo Deshaye

1892, 6¢ SQ, 5¢ RLS tied by cork cancel on Military Odd Fellows’ Demonstration advertising cover from Brantford Ont paying 11¢ double registered letter rate to US (b/s). Hamilton transit (b/s). A nice cover destined for a gold-medal exhibit.

Ex Anderson. $500.00

1898, 1¢ (2) 3¢ Jubilee tied by Chatham Ont cds on Sutherland Innes Co. advertising cover paying 5¢ UPU letter rate to Cyprus (b/s). A great cover for an advanced collection.

Ex Bursey. $1,000.00

1892, 1¢ SQ (2), 2¢ RLS (3, F1a rose carmine) tied by grid cancel on cover from Vickers Ont (Grey county – 1887-1913) paying 8¢ registered letter rate to Montreal (b/s). A rare multiple of the F1a used on cover.

Ex Averbeck. $350.00

1868, 2¢, 3¢ LQ tied by London CW Berri duplex cancel on cover paying 5¢ registered letter rate to Ingersoll reverse with GWR RPO and E.W. Hyman Leather embossed advertising. A rare Large Queen cover with registry fee paid with a stamp.


1897, 3¢ Jubilee tied by Hamilton Orb cancel dated June 19 1897 on first day cover from Nesbitt, Gauld and Dickson to USA (b/s). A most impressive Jubilee cover.

Ex Bursey $800.00

1897, 3¢ Jubilee tied by Toronto Bickerdike machine cancel on Canada’s Great Victorian-Era Exposition and Industrial Fair advertising cover to Markham (b/s). Attractive and choice.

Ex Bursey. $650.00

1877, 5¢ RLS (perf 12.11×12.11, very early printing) tied by target cancel and registered S/L on cover from Consecon Ont (Prince Edward county) paying 5¢ registered letter rate to Napanee (Trenton transit). The regulations stipulated that ‘’registered letter stamp’’ could not be used to pay postage (Post Office Dept Order – January 1876, warning to Postmasters “… are not to be used under any circumstances for prepaying any ordinary postage rate). This is a small Post Office likely unfamiliar with regulations. Very few such examples exist and a great showpiece.

Ex Lussey, Menich, Highlands. $1,500.00

1873, ½¢ LQ (12, spectacular three blocks of four) tied by Toronto fancy cancel on Clifton House Niagara Falls illustrated cover (with letter and dried leaf) to Brighton, England (b/s) paying 6¢ Allan Line rate. At this point the post office determined that the mail wouldn’t make the sailing of the Allan line and thus sent the cover via United-States by Cunard. Under the first packet principle, the post office rated the cover only single deficiency for the convenience of catching the earlier sailing. The cover is rated ‘’more-to-pay’’ “1”d Stg collect (2¢) which represents the difference between the 6¢ Allan line rate and the 8¢ Cunard rate via the US. Small cover tear and couple stamps at top with perf flaws from being on the edge. A remarkable multiple use of the Half cent Large Queen and one of only two known covers bearing twelve copies of the Half cent Large Queen to UK, VF.

Ex Greene, Francis, Laycock, Highlands. $5,000.00

1868, 6¢ Large Queen tied by Montreal CE Berri duplex cancel on Ramsay & Son (window glass, oils and paints) advertising cover paying 6¢ letter rate to Detroit, US. Quite rare and nicer than most of the few that still exist.


1908, 1¢ Quebec Tercentenary tied by Kingston Ont International machine cancel on postcard dated July 16, 1908, the day of issue. A new find!


1872, 2¢, 3¢, 6¢ SQ tied by smudge cancel on Waterson’s Hotel advertising cover from Walkerton UC paying 11¢ double registered letter rate to Niagara USA. GWR Registered handstamp both sides. A remarkably rare and most appealing registered cover to US.


1864, 17¢ Jacques Cartier tied by diamond grid cancel on folded cover from Toronto paying 17¢ Cunard rate via New York to Scotland (Glasgow b/s). Carried by the Kedar, an exeedingly rare Cunarder with a only few known.


1875, 1¢ SQ tied by Hamilton Ont split ring on Victoria Mutual Fire Insurance Co. advertising cover paying 1¢ printed matter ratez to Aldershott. Scarce with much eye-appeal.

Ex Cloutier. $450.00

1864, 12½¢ Victoria pair (Scott 18ii) tied by diamond cancel on folded letter from Toronto paying 25¢ double Allan Line letter rate to Scotland via Quebec. Very desirable cover.


1861, 5¢ Beaver tied by Bowmanville UC Berri split ring on Eastern House Hotel cameo advertising cover to Newmarket. An early Durham county advertising cover. Very rare and exhibit caliber.


1866, 1¢ Victoria (5) tied by bold grid cancel on unusual vivid marron coloured cover from Kirkton CW (Huron county) paying 5¢ letter rate to Goderich (b/s) via Stratford (b/s). Ideal cover.


1856, 3d Beaver (Scott 4vii major re-entry, position 47, pane A) tied on registered folded letter from Montreal paying 3d letter rate with 2d registry fee paid in cash to St. Elizabeth via Berthier (b/s). An impressive 4vii registered cover.

VGG Certificate G23501. $2,000.00

1860, 10¢ Consort (very oily printing No.4 – reddish agate shade) tied by Montreal CE Berri duplex cancel on cover paying 10¢ cross border letter rate to Chicago. Very elusive stamp.


1899, 2¢ Numeral (Die 1) tied by Ottawa squared circle on cover underpaying 5¢ UPU letter rate to Alexandria redirected to Cairo, Egypt . T15 due marking and Egyptian postage due stamps tied by Cairo cds. The UPU letter rate to Egypt was 5redirected to Cairo until January 1, 1907 when it was reduced to 2¢, a preferred rate equal to the Imperial Penny Postage rate. A great showpiece.

Ex Siverts, Pamara $1,250.00

1858, full margined ½d medium wove (gorgeous and fresh) unusually tied by superb Hamilton mutilated double broken circle on folded preprinted Western Permanent Building Society annual meeting circular. A beautiful example paying either a valid half penny drop letter rate or a printed circular rate. Impressive and rarely seen in such quality.

Ex Highlands. $2,000.00

1859, (Jan 20), one half penny (Scott 8, medium wove paper) tied by diamond grid cancel from Toronto on departmental notice circular paying ½d circular rate to Woodstock (b/s).Very scarce.


1904, 10¢, 15¢ Jubilee tied by oval R cancel on cover from Toronto paying 25¢ quadruple registered letter rate to Holland (b/s) via Parkdale and London (b/s). Edward Parker Stamp Dealer c/c. Rare franking.


1853, full margined 6d slate violet on laid paper (Scott 2) tied by target cancel on folded letter from Montreal paying 6d letter rate to New York. A lovely cover suitable for a serious Pence era exhibit collection and good provenance.

Ex De Volpi, Guilford. $2,000.00

1851, (August 28) full margined 3d Beaver (Scott 1a), orange red shade on handmade laid paper, tied by target cancel on small blue envelope from Toronto to Barrie. Reverse with waxseal and clear Barrie AU 30 receiver. Very desirable cover.

Ex Highlands. $2,000.00

1859, stampless cover with lovely Frontenac Brewery cameo advertising on cover from Kingston rated 3d to Prescott (b/s). A neat and rare cover for the specialist.


1862, stampless cover with letter from Montreal rated 19¢ (1/7 Sterling) ensorsed by Canadian steamer to Switzerland (b/s). Carried by the Allan Line Norwegian from Halifax to Liverpool. ms postage not paid, GB 2F accountancy marking which is the amount due to Britain from France for a 30gr letter, 90 rappen the amount due from the recipient. A nice Anglo-French Postal Convention article 37 letter. A striking cover.

Ex Montgomery. $1,000.00

1835, stampless folded letter from Quebec to Maine routed via Kennebac Road (a shorter route) paid 7d and 18¾¢ US via Moose River. This letter is one of the 4 recorded cross border letters via Kennebec Road and is for sure the nicest example.

Ex Hazelton $1,200.00 

1856, stampless cover from Hamilton UC to Herrenberg, Wurttemberg, rated 1/4 Currency, via closed bag mail from Hamilton via Cunard Persia from New York to Liverpool and London England (b/s). Canada Art 19, Calais transit, Stuttgart, Dolf Lingen and Herrenberg (b/s). Rated 21/6 total 27Kr due (21Kr French debit to Thurn & Taxis, 3kr Thurn & Taxis plus 3kr internal to Wurttemburg). This cover was rated 21kr in error as if it originated from England, not Canada and should have been rated 39kr plus 6kr for a total of 45 Kreuzer collect. The Post Office shortchanged itself by applying the wrong postal convention rates. Very scarce.

Ex Wilkinson, Stallkart, Steinhart, Hobden, Montgomery. $1,000.00

1815, stampless folded letter from Three River Lower Canada to England, Three Rivers straightline, 7d prepaid to Quebec, carried by private ship from Quebec and entered at Plymouth (both with Ship Letter crown). Rated 1/7 and 1/8. Interesting content regarding Natives and their ways of life, hunting and wildlife. A visually striking letter.

Ex Glassco, Steinhart. $1,000.00

1773, stampless folded letter from Quebec to New Port Rhode Island US. Letter written in French and from J. Marcoux to Samuel and William Vernon. Endorsed by Captain Nathan Bull and carried by their merchant shipping firm direct from Quebec. An exhibit quality letter.


1853, stampless folded letter mailed unpaid (payment optional) from Quebec and entered in Montreal. Rated 18¾, 1/6 and 25. Carried by Cunard Europa 36th voyage from New York to England and then via Hamburg packet to Norway. A rarity


1854, stampless cover from Pointe-aux-Trembles Montreal mailed unpaid to Switzerland. Carried by the Cunard Arabia out of New York. The British stamped the cover Canada Art 12 and a claim against France for 4 francs per 30 grams. Forwarded to France, then to Switzerland and marked 150 Swiss rappen (140 + 10 internal) to be collected. An elusive cover.

Ex Steinhart $1,000.00

1854, stampless folded letter from Montreal sent unpaid to Schiedam, Holland (b/s). Carried by the Cunarder Asia via New York to London and rated 110 Dutch cents collect. 1/6 GB debit to Holland, British debit 2d BNA internal and 2d US transit, 8d sea and 6d British transit fees (from the new GB Dutch convention). Very scarce.

Ex Winter. $1,000.00

1856, stampless cover from Port Hope UC to Prussia (near Belgium border) endorsed by Canadian Mail Steamer, rated 3/4 Stg collect reverse with Montreal, London and Aaachen (b/s). The letter was sent to the care of John Munroe & Co in Paris and forwarded via Belgium. Carried on Allan Line North American on her second voyage. Rare!

Ex Steinhart, Wilkinson, Hobden. $1,000.00

1815, stampless folded cover from England prepaid 2/1½ in London to Quebec. The letter was treated as a withdrawn ship letter, prepaid 1/3 of the packet rate and handed back for carriage via private ship, by the Dorothy out of Gravesend, to Quebec. No Canadian incoming ship letter charge shown. An exceptional strike.

Ex Steinhart, Montgomery. $1,500.00

1839, stampless folded letter from Montreal to London England. Paid 4½ Canadian postage to US border and 18¾¢ to New York. 1/5 Sterling representing 8d ship letter plus internal rate Bristol to London. Carried by the S.S. Great Western with Bristol Ship Letter on face. ms 2/7 indicating that this is a freight letter charged an extra 25¢ (1/3½d). Montreal did not, as a rule show this, but it was collected while the British P.O. strongly disapproved. That’s the reason why it was only levied on eastbound crossings. Scarce.

Ex Montgomery $650.00

1836, stampless folded letter paid 9d to Montreal and carried from Montreal by a private sailing ship to Liverpool. Charged 1/7 Stg representing 8d ship fee and 11d inland to London England. For a short period at the end of the 1830’s, Montreal used a ‘’ship’’ straight line h/s (as outbound ship letter marking). Since most ship letters for Montreal were handled through and marked at Quebec, this Montreal marking is rarely seen. Only 4 examples have been recorded. Letter enclosed. A Rarity and the first we recall offering!

Ex Montgomery. $2,000.00

1801, stampless folded letter from Quebec to Scotland. The letter was carried from Quebec as an outward ship letter with no BNA postage indicated, via private ship in a convoy to England during the Napoleonic War period, to England entering as a ship letter at Greenock. 4d Stg and endorsed ”per Juno”. Neat!

Ex Steinhart $750.00

1858, stampless cover from Galt UC (Waterloo county) rated 2/9 Sterling, 3/5 Currency carried by Cunard via Boston to London and by Royal Mail Packet to Cuba via St. Thomas. ”2” reales Cuban due. An extraordinary via-England route cover mentioned in Arfken, Leggett, Firby and Steinhart book and reported to be the only known cover mailed to Cuba during the 1851-1859 era.

Ex Nickle, Arfken, Wilkinson $2,500.00

1837, stampless letter from St. Croix Danish West Indies to Toronto via New York and Queenston. 27¢ (2¢ ship and 25¢ US to border) converted to 1/4½ plus 9d total 2/1½ collect. Beautiful and well preserved.