The District of Keewatin was a territory of Canada and later an administrative district of the Northwest Territories. It was created in 1876 by the Keewatin Act, and originally it covered a large area west of Hudson Bay. In 1905, it became a part of the Northwest Territories and in 1912, its southern parts were adjoined to the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario, leaving the remainder, now called the Keewatin Region, virtually uninhabited. On April 1, 1999, the Keewatin Region was formally dissolved, as Nunavut was created from eastern parts of the Northwest Territories, including all of Keewatin.

1889, 3¢ SQ, 5¢ RLS (light green) tied by grid cancel on cover from Fort Francis KEE paying 8¢ registered letter rate to Toronto via Rat Portage and carried by CPRy Port Arthur & Winnipeg RPO No.6 East.